March 15, 2010

Liberty of London for Target®

So the first thing I want to blog about is my Liberty of London purchases from Target.  Yep, that's right, I managed to get a few things!  Ok, I did try to go to the pop-up store in NYC, but by the time I got my lazy butt there, it had already sold out and packed up shop  I was very sad (not least because on the day I did go to Times Square, it was pouring kittens and puppies-- ever run through the streets of NYC in the rain during rush hour?....uuggghhhhh....)!  Anywhoooo, I stalked Target's website like a mad person and managed to place an order in the wee hours of Sunday morning.  And boy, am I glad I did act like a stalker-- so much of it is already sold out online!!!!  Clearly, Target needs to stock larger quantities for their collaborations!

Well to make you all jealous, here's some of the things I got:
Isn't that storage box adorable?  I also got the piggy bank:

And some other things like mugs (which I can't even seem to find anymore on the website), etc...

But I really want to give everyone a heads-up about something that is still available and that I think is really cool.  You can pre-order a tote made from the vinyl billboard ads for the NYC pop-up store!  As someone who was there, I can honestly say that the vinyl ads were gorgeous-- made me feel good even in the rain!  Each tote will be unique while the vinyl will be recycled and reused in its new life as a tote!  Cute tote and good for the environment, what's not to love?  You will have to wait until September to receive it (apparently, it takes awhile to turn a billboard into a tote), but I think completely worth it.  Here's an image and the link to order it:

Liberty of London for Target® Billboard Bag.

Ok, that'sit for today's post, gotta get to work....eeeekkkkk!

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