December 22, 2010

to iPad or not to iPad

It's no secret that I've been looking at iPad owners with great fact, despite the posts title, I have the sneaking impression that I've already decided and these last few entries are really my means of justifying buying it in the next year...I mean, I mean, I gotta grade student papers, right?  And if one has decided to buy it, then the big question becomes: Should I wait for iPad 2?  Here's a great article to answer that very question:

When iPad 2 Hits, Will iPad 1 Go Cheap Or Extinct?

You don't need to be an analyst looking for inside information to know that Apple has a pretty standard policy of refreshing their product lines about once a year. And with iOS devices, it's more or less clockwork. Since the iPad was released in early April last year, that's the most obvious target for when the iPad 2 will hit. But there's a side question that will go along with that launch: what will happen to the iPad 1? Will it go cheap? Or will it go extinct?

My next post will be a pro/con of why I should or should not get an iPad.

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