April 22, 2011

steps to creating web resources for groups

This post is about the usual steps to creating websites for groups using Google resources.
  1. Create a Google Group
  2. Create a Website using Google Sites
    • Share the entire Google Group with the new Google Site 
    • Create the following pages
      • Announcements
      • Discussions
        • Embed the Google Group discussions into the Discussion page
      • Calendar
      • Contact Me
  3. Create a Google Calendar
    • Share the calendar with the Google Group
    • make the calendar public
    • retrieve the xml, ical, and html
    • Embed the Calendar into the Site's Calendar page
  4. Create a blog for announcements so that announcements can be easily updated via email
    • Burn the blog feed in Feedburner
    • Embed the feed into the Site's Announcements page
  5. Zoho Creator for contact page is better than Google Forms

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