April 23, 2011

working search box in Blogger

This has been a recurring problem for awhile. There's a Search gadget that never seems to work in Blogger, so here's a better option from here:

One of the great things about this gadget is that it essentially makes use of the same search that's at the upper left hand corner of Blogger-- just in a little more convenient place for readers. Do the following to use the above as your search box.

  1. go to layout, click on: "add a gadget"
  2. scroll down to the "html/javascript" gadget
  3. click "add to blog"
  4. copy and paste these codes into the box
  5. don't forget to give it a title such as "search this blog" 
  6. save it-- you can now move this gadget anywhere you'd like on search page

The other option is to use Blogger's updated search gadget that sometimes works.

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