May 9, 2011

reading personal docs and unprotected books on Kindle for Android

I thought I had finally found a near perfect way to read everything using Kindle since I like the note and highlighting functionality so much...and then I noticed that my own personal documents and unprotected books that I could easily read on my Kindle didn't show up on either my Kindle for Android App or Kindle Desktop.  So after a bit of searching I learned that
"Blogs and personal documents cannot be viewed on Kindle for Android" and 
"Periodicals such as newspapers, magazines, and blogs, and personal documents cannot be viewed on Kindle for PC."
Well that really stinks!  Don't get me wrong, I'll probably still buy a new Kindle (I'm trying to decide whether I should wait for Kindle 4 or just go ahead and get Kindle 3)...but still!  This seems like such a simple thing...why create an app for Android, but not let us read all of our own content?!  Luckily, after more searching...I came across this site that offered 2 solutions:
Solution 1:
  1. Email your unprotected file to Amazon using your free Kindle email address (something like so that Amazon can convert your document into an .azw file.
  2. Amazon sends back an email with a link to download the new file version.
  3. Save the file to a temporary directory on your computer and rename it by changing the .azw file extension back to .epub or .prc, etc.  (apparently, this renaming is very important; otherwise, the Android app won’t recognize the file)
  4. Finally copy the file to the Kindle directory on the phone's SD card.
Solution 2:
  1. Download the file on your computer
  2. copy the file to your phone after renaming the azw file extension to mobi
  3. drop the file into the folder where the other *.mobi files are stored on your device
  4. Disconnect the phone from the computer and resync your android kindle and voila, you will be able to read your book!
Solution 3:
Finally, this site seemed to indicate that you can also just use Calibre to turn your unprotected file/personal document into the correct format (.prc, .mobi, or .epub) and then manually move the file to your phone.

This is all kind of a pain...I really wish that all of this was more synchronized and worst, according to mobileread, there doesn't seem to be a way to sync notes and annotations across devices:

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