June 17, 2011

new look, new posts - merging Blogger blogs...

Jumping Lessons
You'll notice that as of today, there are suddenly tons more posts for geeky stuff.  The reason is because I decided to merge another one of my blogs with this one; I used to have a blog with only technology tips but it's just too much work maintaining two separate blogs (I actually manage several as I also use blogs in teaching) and since this one has a "geek" component, it seemed like a natural fit; albeit, the "tech tips" posts are a little more technical than previous geek posts here have been, but who's not up for a challenge?  (if you used to follow Tech Tips to Remember, all posts have been filed under "geek")  And you can always take a break and read the girlie posts! :) To celebrate the move (and to make things more manageable), I changed the template on this blog to a cleaner and more refined one.

Not surprisingly this decision has resulted in another post for geeky stuff.  Thank goodness that Blogger has now made it super easy to merge two blogspot blogs-- it would have been a nightmare to repost each individual post!

Here are the steps:
Step 1: Go to your Settings page.
Step 2: Click Export blog (it will export as an XML file)
Step 3: Go to the Settings page of the blog where you want to import everything
Step 4: Click Import blog  (select the XML file that you exported)
Step 5: You may either choose to Publish all Imported Posts immediately or you may want to do what I did.  Because I wanted to add a single label (geek) to all the posts before publishing them, I chose NOT to publish all the imported posts immediately.  Instead, the Imported Posts are placed in the Edit Posts section under a new tag "Imported Posts."  There, I selected all the posts, and added the label "geek" to all of them using Label Action.  Then I selected all the posts again and scrolled to the bottom and clicked Publish Selected.

Keep in mind that after the merge, you'll probably have to clean up some pages and tweaks; for example, I had to clean up and republish some of the TOC pages here.

BTW, the free image above comes from: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=1836 and in celebration of Moe (my own furry fella).

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