August 16, 2011

another steal that was completely worth it!-- Old Navy's Pleated Shirtdress

If you’ve read previous posts, you know what a fan I am of shirtdresses (think 1950s).  Well, I recently ordered this dress from Old Navy.  It’s a steal for $34.00—but I managed to get it for even less with coupons, etc…I paid about $26 for this dress and I love it.  This is a huge difference when you compare it to one my favorite splurges- see my must-have FAV dress.
Old Navy calls it a Pleated Shirtdress.  It must have been pretty popular because the only size that was left was a size 6.  I tried it anyway and it is a little big (I’m about 5’ and 105lb), but I don’t mind.  The fabric doesn’t feel cheap, it’s heavier than I expected—which is a good thing, I’m imagining it as a great fall dress with boots.  It has a very nice little pinched waist, and the skirt is really cute.  Unfortunately, it’s seems to be completely sold out on Old Navy.

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