August 24, 2011

Missing Google calendars in Android? Here's the fix...

I ran into this problem recently...only some of the calendars I regularly use in Google calendar were showing up on my Android phone; for example, my Producteev calendar was nowhere to be's the solution.

On Google Calendar (web):  select all calendars to be synced
On the phone:  
   Settings/Applications/Manage Applications/Calendar -> Clear data
   Settings/Applications/Manage Applications/Calendar Storage -> Clear data

Then if you just wait, your phone might sync as mine did. If not, you might have to do this next step:
   Settings/Accounts & Sync (check and uncheck the Sync Calendar)

Also keep in mind that when you clear the data, you'll clear your default settings so use the following step to reset your preferences and also to choose which calendars you actually want synced on your phone:
   Click the calendar->settings button-> Calendars

These directions were modified from the steps here:   Settings/Data Synchronization/Data Sychronization -> Calendar (force sync)

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