July 1, 2012

adding the Apple Wireless keyboard to a Windows 7 desktop

UPDATE (7/1/2012) - I recently had to repair my Apple keyboard and so I thought I would update this post.

For some reason, my apple keyboard started dropping its connection with my Windows 7 computer. It might be because the batteries were running low, but unfortunately, changing out the batteries caused some pairing problems with the desktop. So here are the steps.

  1. Remove the batteries from your keyboard.
  2. Put in new batteries (remember the batteries go in + side first)
  3. Open the Bluetooth manager (if this is in the bottom toolbar like mine, just click on it and select 'Show Bluetooth Devices'
  4. Right click on the Apple keyboard and select 'Remove Device'
  5. Now follow the steps below (the red indicates newly added information)

And another solution that I thought was worth posting.  I recently had to use a Mac running Bootcamp and liked the keyboard so much that I decided to add the wireless keyboard to my desktop (I already had it for my iPad).  Not surprisingly, adding it wasn't as just turn it on and go...so here's the solution I found that finally worked.  Basically, you have to enable the drivers first and then it'll install itself.
  1. Turn on the keyboard
  2. on the computer, Start -> Devices and Printers
  3. Add a Device
  4. It should find the Apple keyboard
    • at this point it may ask you to pair it
    • select generate a code
    • you could try to enter the code, but this usually never works for me and you'll usually get an error message that is something like the code wasn't received and your device isn't paired, but the Apple keyboard does show up
  5. Right Click on the Apple keyboard, select Properties
  6. In the Services tab (first tab), click the checkbox to enable the HID (Human Interface Device) driver 
  7. Click Apply and Save

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