December 3, 2011

International Black Cat Day | The Salina Post

International Black Cat Day | The Salina Post:

Today is National Black Cat Day! Did you know that black cats have the lowest adoption rate and the highest euthanasia rate in America? Well, today is all about them! Black cats are the way to go and here are our top ten reasons why:

1. Carry around a black cat! They’re slimming!
2. They are easy to spot in the snow!
3. Black cats match any d├ęcor!
4. Black is the color of sophistication and power, thus black cats are sophisticated and powerful! (Of course! They’re cats!)
5. Black absorbs heat! Since black cats absorb more heat, they make better lap warmers!
6. Black worked for Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, and KISS.
7. Coco Chanel was a big fan!
8. Like Football? Black cats work wonders if you’re a Raiders, Saints or Panthers fan!
9. How about a black cat for the White Sox, Giants, or Pirates fans?!
10. Are your in-laws coming over?! Sit one on the sidewalk; they won’t dare pass, so you’re home free! (Remember this because Thanksgiving is drawing near!)

We hope this list helps you to remember that black cats aren’t so bad! They have a lot of good qualities! Happy International Black Cat Day!!!!!

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