February 25, 2012

Adding a Sticky Post into Blogger using Gadget feature

easy, peasy- create a sticky post into Blog that you can change on a regular basis.

Thanks go to: http://theoldergeek.com/blogging-how-to/bloggerht/how-to-make-a-sticky-post-in-blogger

Create a Sticky Note with the Add a Gadget Feature

1. Log in to your Blogger Dashboard. Click “Design.” Click “Add a Gadget” and make your selection from the list (HTML/Javascript widget, etc).
2. In the new dialog window that appears, enter your information. Give the gadget a title if you wish. Click the “Save” button.
3. By default, Blogger will save the gadget in the sidebar. Look for your new gadget and drag the gadget into the “Blog Posts” section.
4. Go to the top of the page and click the orange “Save” button next to the blue “Preview” and “Clear Edits” buttons.
5. View your blog! The sticky note will be at the top of your posts and will remain there until you remove it. You can add additional sticky posts, too.

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