March 26, 2012

embedding PDF documents into Blogger via public docs in Google Docs

The easiest way I've found to embed documents into blogger is do the following:
  1. First upload the document to to Google docs
  2. Then click Share and choose Public on the web
  3. Then go to File -> Embed this PDF file and get the code
  4. Go back to Blogger
  5. Click create a new post
  6. Choose the tab that says Edit HTML
  7. Paste the embed code and that's it.
You may want to address the height and width of the window-- I find that 1080 is a height and 820 is a good width.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this work-around! I appreciate all your generosity but this is especially helpful.
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    1. You're welcome! Thanks for reading! I've come across another way to do it that I think I may prefer and plan to write up a post about soon. Instead of making documents "public," choose Publish to web and then embed the published web version. Anyway, the post will come out soon. Thanks again!