May 18, 2012

iPad wireless keyboard convert

I have to admit that I'm a apple wireless keyboard convert. I actually use it with a PC and except for a few things, I'm good working on it. In fact I've used it so long, I'm not sure what I miss on it anymore (ok, I do miss Ctrl + shift + delete since the the delete key is really a backspace key). But other than that...

At any rate, I would love to use it with my iPad. I wanted to use the same keyboard so my fingers don't have to relearn a new layout...lout it's not that easy. I order to use the SAME keyboard with both my PC and iPad, you have to unpair an existing connection. See here:

And since it can be hinky sometimes to pair the keyboard with the PC, I think if you really want a pick-up-and-go experience, you'll have to get 2 keyboards.

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