August 3, 2012

a nifty little tool to print better Google calendars

I love Google calendar for many things, printing is not one of them. This nifty little tool is by far the best solution I've found: It exports your calendar so that you can print a nice version of the monthly view of Google calendar (so that your events wrap text). Now if only I could find a nifty little tool to do the same for the agenda that I easily manipulate it....(who cares who the creator of the event was?!)


  1. A major update to Print My Cal was just released. Here’s the announcement message from developer Kevin Draper –

    Dear “Print My Cal” user,

    Thank you for your interest in Print My Cal. Since you have contacted me in the past about Print My Cal or have supported Print My Cal, I am writing to let you know about an update that has recently been made available. You can download that update and the user manual from this web page.

    You will immediately notice an updated user interface and the addition of “layouts” to the design, but the main difference is the use of the Google programming interface instead of the iCal link to retrieve calendar information. This will make calendars easier to set up (especially if you have more than one), and will provide a better way to retrieve recurring events. However, calendars that were set up in the old version will need to be set up again. Instructions for doing this are in the program and in the user manual.

    New Features:

    Layouts that group together calendars with the same print options
    Access to calendars in Google Apps
    Control over print margins and column widths.
    Several paper size options
    Inches/millimeters option

    Many people have given me other suggestions for improving this program. Thank you. As time permits, I will include as many of them as possible.

    Future Update Notifications: If you would like to receive future emails regarding Print My Cal updates, please follow this link and subscribe to our newsletter:

    Thank you,
    Kevin Draper

    1. Thank you for letting me know! I'll update as soon as I get a chance,

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