December 21, 2013

syncing Google calendar to iOS device 2013 version

This took me a little while to find so I thought I'd post it here. In early 2013, Google stopped support for active sync for iOS. The best way to sync a Google calendar with an iOS device seems to be CalDav. After trying many methods, I finally found the answer here and here

From MK Safi 
- Go to "Settings"
- Go to "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
- Tap "Add Account…"
- Tap "Other"
- Tap "Add CalDAV Account"
- Fill in the details:
- Server is
- User Name is your Google Account username
- Password is your Google Account password
- Description is whatever you want
- Tap "Next"
Now you'll find your Google Calendar listed within the Calendar application of iOS.

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