April 3, 2017

more pen refills

If you've visited here before, you know my obsession with pens. Since the last pens post, I've added a few pens to my collection and fallen in love with another pen. My favorite ink is usually a Pilot G2. But almost by accident, I found myself writing with Pentel's Energel pen in 0.7mm because in my search for a clickable all metal body for the G2, I accidentally hacked a Pentel Energel into the Pilot Axiom. That mistake led me to realize that I love the Pentel Energel pens. Here are the colors for this refill:
from JetPens
Compare the Energel colors to the Pilot G2 refills:

Pens that take Pilot G2 refills with no modifications:
  • Karas Kustoms
  • Pilot Metropolitan
  • Waterman Western Hemisphere Rollerballs

Pens that take Pilot G2 refills with modifications:
  • Retro 1951
  • Pilot Ageless 
  • Lamy Swift 
Pens that take Pentel Energel:
  • Pilot Axiom (with modification)
  • Energel Alloy (like the pen because it's easy to find and inexpensive, love the refill so much, I find myself using this pen just for the refill)

Other pens in my rotation:
  • Zebra G-301 (super light, but writes very well)
  • Zebra F-701 (love the pen, not necessarily the refill]) 

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