meet mark

I've just discovered meet mark.  It's a line of makeup by Avon and targeted a younger crowd.  I've tried some of it and I love it.  Since I've become a representative, I've decided to dedicate a whole page to reviews of the stuff from this line.

So far, I've only tried this:
It's a lip gloss and stain all in one.  I have to admit I love it.  The gloss goes on like a gloss so it's not dry.  When the shine does wear off, the stain is very long lasting.  There's a nice minty flavor that other people noted but I couldn't really appreciate until I tried it myself.  Finally, who could argue with $9.00?!  So if you're interested, click here to buy it from my favorite mark store

The colors I ordered were Bella and Lolli.  Bella is a nice mauve color-- very natural.  Lolli is a little brighter and more pink.  Love them both.